Thursday, March 09, 2006

Maylin puts in a song request

My little girl used to stop me whenever I started singing -- "Mommy, no sing!" People told me it was because she wanted my attention and that if I was singing, I couldn't play with her and give her the kind of attention she wanted. Well, for two nights in a row, she has actually asked me to sing to her at bedtime. Her number one hit? It's "Mary Had a Little Lamb," which she simply calls, "Little Lamb." It's so nice. I feel like she's finally making a movement to include music in her life. For so long she has made me stop playing piano or violin, or singing, but now, she's singing more herself or playing piano with me!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to be her music teacher though since she often refuses to be instructed by me in anything. It might be impatience or her innate stubbornness to do things on her own. She's always been quite her own person. The best thing I can do for her is offer her a variety of different experiences or activities to participate in, and to be there with her, participating, too -- silently supporting.

I've noticed something lately. If I shower Maylin with too much praise for something she's done (e.g. a painting, using the toilet by herself), she rejects it and hides her face. Exuberant praise seems to embarrass her. I have to try to tone myself down and pretend to be less excited than I really am. Tough for a proud mom. I don't know where her unusual trait comes from. Neither John nor I are like that. Praise usually has a positive effect on people. Maylin's a special one.

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