Saturday, March 04, 2006

John's home at last!

John had to leave for Vancouver and the States a day and a half after Maylin and I got back from our trip. So sad we didn't get to see much of each other. The last (nearly) two weeks haven't been too bad without John's help. Maylin's such a big girl that she can almost take care of herself at home while Mommy's half-asleep on the couch or bed, and can hold Leo's leash while we take our walks in this cold Paris rain. Groceries have been a cinch since I started buying heavy staple items online for home delivery about once a month. Dog food, cases of sparkling water, milk, and juice -- I don't have to break my back anymore.

Way off tangent...

Death seems to be coming into my conversations with Maylin a lot lately. She asks a lot of questions about the movies we watch or stories we read. I'm kind of amazed how many instances of death she can encounter in a few days -- watching "Babe" (the little pig's parents are dead, a duck dies, a sheep dies,...), watching "Cinderella" (mom's dead), reading "Snow White" (mom dies)...I'm a little worried now that it's going to be bothering her. I had to reassure her that I wouldn't die (at least, not too soon), but she really scared me last night when she had a fever. She screamed repeatedly as if in pain and said, "I'm dying." Thank goodness she was fine today, and she hasn't spoken of the D-word since.

Yes, it's after 2 am, and I'm still up. That's what I get for semi-napping all day. Poor Maylin -- when I'm tired, I can be in such a foul mood. I yelled at her unnecessarily, she cried, and then I let her climb onto my chest and keep warm under the blanket with me. We smiled at each other and told each other, "I love you," several times. It was such a sweet, sweet moment. I told her that her lying on me reminded me of when she was a baby, lying on my chest. I asked if she remembered, and she said she did.

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