Friday, January 20, 2006

She's better already

Maylin's been quite good these last couple days. We've had a good routine going for school, and this morning, she had no problems getting dressed, brushing her teeth, washing her face, feeding Prince the goldfish, and putting on her jacket, scarf, and hat (all this with some help, of course). She didn't even fuss when I said she'd be eating lunch at school today, not at home. Yesterday, Daddy took her to school as usual and left quickly so she wouldn't have a chance to cry. I think she's finally settling in -- even though she keeps saying she doesn't like school.

Most often, when we're playing at home, she wants to roleplay -- she's "Madame," her teacher, and I'm Maylin. We interact with her imagined classmates -- usually Hugo -- in the cantine (cafeteria) or the classroom. "Madame" gives me lunch, or gives me paper and a crayon to draw. My daughter has to like school to some degree, right? If she wants to relive it over and over again, school can't be that bad.

Maylin hasn't had me play the role of "big elephant" for a long time, but I've had to become "Black Beauty," a horse from one of her movies. She's always very gentle with me and very loving when I'm Black Beauty. Lots of hugs.

Last night, she willingly stepped into the shower for her bath. I didn't have to do any wheeling and dealing like I used to have to do. She loves to work in her preschool workbooks, so I use them to my advantage. "After four pages, we'll take a bath." She doesn't complain -- just complies quietly. What a dream!

She's really good with the workbooks -- most of them are in French, but the concepts are universal. Big and small, in front and behind, circles and squares, counting, etc. She circles items very well, and just learned how to "x" out things. She can also underline, and color inside the lines, but not perfectly. The poor dear gets frustrated when she goes out of the lines -- that's when she asks me to color for her. She adores any work with stickers, which she stick perfectly in their respective places on the page.

A precious sight yesterday was when she gestured Leo to come over and pet him so nicely. Leo enjoyed it a great deal since his tail was wagging happily. It's great to see these interactions because they are so few. I imagine when she gets older, there will be more of these positive encounters.

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