Friday, January 20, 2006

Same old story

I was having some great nights of solid sleep, but last night, we had some feisty winter mosquitoes -- woke me up around 3 am! And of course, I couldn't get back to sleep for another two hours -- the usual. My mind went from the farewell luncheon I'm planning for some expat friends, e-mails I need to send out, dinners I need to plan, what I need to practice for my next opera group rehearsal, my ballet class that I really want to attend but probably won't because I'll be too tired, so on and so forth. I was quite happy and content scrolling through all these subjects and resolving several problems, but I knew I would pay for the loss of sacred sleep. It's no wonder I've missed my ballet class and now feel so off-kilter that it would probably be wise to stay in today on my day off.

Where did the mosquitoes come from? Who knows, but we've had a wet few days. They're probably breeding in the courtyard in a nice puddle. I had opened the windows after a friend suggested to let in some fresh air occasionally -- might help with my health problems. I think I did feel better than usual, more energized -- the air is so dry with the radiators on full-blast and so stuffy because I haven't been ventilating the place. Yesterday, I also turned off most of the radiators since it's not freezing anymore.

I haven't needed my gloves for several days. I haven't been wearing my hat for quite awhile. A mild Paris January. We even had some beautiful, sunny weekends. Sundays have really been sun days. In California, I took the expected sun-filled days for granted. Now, if we have sun one day, everyone makes a big deal out of it -- "il fait beau" -- literally, "it makes beautiful." You can't really discuss the weather at great length in the Bay Area. Rather ho-hum. Here, it can make up an entire conversation while you finish your croissant and cafe creme.

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