Friday, January 06, 2006

My dog's kitchen phobia

A few days ago, our dog Leo stopped eating and drinking. I thought that maybe he was sick. But after some observation, I didn't find him unhealthy -- just whiney. He usually whines if we haven't given him his walk, and now he was whining after his walks. We couldn't figure it out. After a day and a half of starving himself, I tried luring him into the kitchen where his dishes were located. No goodies could tempt him. I tried dragging him in by his collar, but he was resistant, with his front paws firmly planted right before the kitchen doorway. I decided to try a little experiment. I put his dishes by the closed-off fireplace in our living room, and he drank and ate like there was no tomorrow. Poor guy.

So he's scared of the kitchen. But we have no idea why. Our kitchen is composed of a long, narrow corridor with a fridge and laundry machines leading into the actual "cuisine" where the stove, oven, dishwasher, sink, and counters are. We have theorized that he got trapped in the kitchen one time by a stepladder or laundry basket in the corridor. Or something fell on him (that's his other phobia), or Maylin closed the door on him.

We may never unravel this mystery, but I have to say, my secret wish for a clean, dog hair-free kitchen floor came true!

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