Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Do not leave new goldfish unattended

Maylin's been asking for a goldfish since she saw a girl on the metro with one in a plastic bag last week. So, today, we went to Bercy Village's Animalis store to get one. Maylin's face totally lit up when she saw the man put "Prince" in the bag for her (she named it before we got to the store). When we got home, I set him up nicely in his new fishbowl with sand, plastic plant, and dechlorinated, room temperature water. We fed him a little bit, and I just had to take a nap. Maylin didn't like that idea, but I somehow convinced her she'd have fun showing Prince her toys. When I woke up, I discovered our table was covered with water which was quietly dripping through the middle seam to the floor and that Prince's new home was filled with various objects -- Donald Duck, the chipmunks Chip and Dale, a little elephant, a mouse, a large starfish, and a comb. Poor Prince was stuck huddling in the corner behind his fake plant. I was relieved to find him still alive. It's amazing what a three year-old can do to her fish. She must have had quite a party with him.

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