Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Boulangerie guilt

I feel like a traitor. We had stopped buying our daily baguette from the bakery downstairs when we started eating fewer white carbs. But now that we've reinstated white carbs into our diet, I've been going to another bakery a couple blocks away because I like their crusty, artisan loaf better. I try to avoid walking past our old boulangerie with another bakery's bread in hand. I have to hide the offending object in my backpack.

The old boulangeres were very nice to us -- giving Maylin candies and Leo chouquettes, but they seemed distant at the same time. Their baguettes were a little different -- chewier than most, and lacking a crispy crust. Their artisan loaf, "la Campaillette," for which you have to pay about 25 cents more is pretty good, but when compared to their rival's "Croquise," it just doesn't measure up. The Croquise has an amazingly crispy, crusty exterior and an incredibly moist and slightly chewy interior. The Campaillette's crust is too hard sometimes and its interior is chewier and not very moist. The Croquise just costs 5 cents more than a Campaillette.

A little guilt is worth the better bread, I think.

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