Monday, January 02, 2006

Be aware of what's motivating you

Yesterday, I showed one of my friends my jewelry creations and she said that some of my stuff was very sellable (around the 20 euro range) -- that what I was making was very trendy at the moment. She has a jewelry designer friend who is making lots of money right now. I was tempted for a few seconds. I like making jewelry, it's easy for me...easy cash, too? But I quickly snapped back to why I did it. Just a diversion, really. It's one of the fun things I do within my delicate balance of activities. Balance is everything to me. I know if I do too much of one thing, I get bored. It always happens. And if I'm motivated more by money than pleasure, then I know I'll become resentful and unhappy. For some people I know, money is their pleasure, so they might not have that unhappiness issue.

I guess I'm lucky I can choose between money and pure happiness...but can I really? Can most people? Maybe I have to be practical. This may be a rare opportunity to have real earning power as a creative. Shall I sacrifice that delicate balance temporarily for a more secure, financial existence? Am I willing to give up some happiness for some security? Something to think about.


andy said...

go for it. if you're doing it anyways then it will be good to get it out there.

if it isn't what you envisioned or like, then you can just stop and revert to making it for fun.

since beginning my current job, i've had to do nothing but draw and i wasn't sure if it would turn into a chore and become rote. but it's really helped me to work in this environment with other artists and get their input and to actually have some focus and direction.

so i say go for it. to worst thing that could happen would be that you find you don't like ddoing it commercially. and at that point, you just go back to doing it for fun =).

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

I'll just keep designing stuff, and if I churn out enough to sell, I'll do it! It's definitely still a hobby since I am no pro! My pieces are not guaranteed to last long. I gave Maylin a bracelet which totally fell apart (it was strung too tightly). I still have lots of work to do before I can go out there and sell. Thanks for the encouragement.