Saturday, December 17, 2005

A star is born on Korean TV

You won't believe what happened on Wednesday. I took my friend to a little local restaurant to have lunch. I go there almost once a week (it's good and very reasonably priced and it's just about a block away). The chef is Korean and had studied at the Cordon Bleu. He's always very happy to see me, we chat a little, and his servers are always very nice, too.

This was a very special meal because there was a camera crew from a Korean television channel (I should've asked if they were showing this in Korea or France). I was asked if it was okay if they spoke to me a bit and filmed us. Fine! Who doesn't want to be on TV?

We were given kimpap (sp?), a Korean version of sushi with rice and pickled vegetables, and I was asked to comment on its flavor. The question was proposed in very poor English and I thought it'd be better for the both of us to speak in French. I tried very hard to come up with something intelligent, but I just said it tasted sweet and that the flavors were subtle. The group of guys sitting next to us were put in the same situation and they did exactly what was expected of them -- "C'est bon!" with much gusto.

The server kept calling me a "star." I thought that was funny.

The crew filmed us for a good part of our meal, and even included the parts of my feeding Maylin, who was sitting on my lap. The camera would move away from us abruptly whenever she spat something out -- like a piece of beef she didn't like, or rice that was too hot. No problem -- they can just edit that out.

It was too bad there weren't that many diners during that lunch. Just three small parties, including us. If I was the chef, I would have invited all my friends to lunch the day of the filming.

It was a fun lunch -- I felt totally relaxed and happy in front of the cameras. Tune into your local Korean channel sometime. Maybe you'll see me smiling, and Maylin spitting something out of her mouth!

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Deidre said...

Totally awesome! I almost had my chance of being on tv. The casino I work at was filming their holiday commercials and I volunteered to be in it, so did another cashier. But we were the only two cashiers working, the others were on break. So, I let her be in it since she was mega excited. Oh well. Next time, next time.