Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Maylin takes Leo to the vet

Leo needed his shots updated and his leg examined -- he's been licking a small area on his leg until he created a little bald spot. Maylin didn't have school today, so I asked her if she wanted to take Leo to the doctor. She wanted to take him right away, but when I called the vet, I found we'd have to wait three and a half hours. Maylin was not pleased. She put on her nasty face, and demanded, "I want to take Leo to the doctor NOW!"

Somehow, I was able to distract her for those hours, and finally, we walked around the corner to the vet's office. Pretty convenient. When the vet was ready to see Leo, we walked into the office, and Maylin sat down by herself in a chair while I helped the vet and her assistant move Leo up onto the table -- no easy feat since Leo is about a hundred pounds. Leo was the perfect patient. After the exam and shots, I talked to Maylin about his good behavior, hoping Leo would serve as a good example for when she has to go to the doctor herself. "See, Maylin? No screaming, and no crying."

Maylin was completely silent and nearly completely expressionless the entire visit. And as I expected, the sticker that was offered to her had to be passed to her through me. She will very rarely accept a gift directly from a stranger, or even an acquaintance. I have to be the intermediary.

When she gets her requested doctor's kit for Christmas, she can practice being a vet or doctor whenever she wants. I'm hoping all that role-playing will make any future doctor's visits for her much more pleasant.


Anonymous said...

So what's wrong with his leg?

Caroline Jou Armitage said...

Still don't know. The vet said it was probably some skin irritation that caused Leo to lick repeatedly until he grew a little bald spot there. We're disinfecting it and putting some special cream on it, so it should get better soon.