Tuesday, December 20, 2005

J'ai perdue ma voix!

I lost my voice! Fortunately, it was right after my opera group's little performance at my apartment. One day, I'm singing beautifully, the next day, I can't make a sound louder than a whisper. Amazing.

It's a bad time to get sick. It's probably one of the most social weeks for me. A good friend of mine from Berkeley has been staying with us for the week, we had the concert chez moi and a reception afterwards, I hosted my friend's farewell lunch here today with about ten ladies, and Thursday night we'll have about twenty people over for caroling (some of my friends and some of my pianist friend's friends). I'm supposed to be singing French and German carols with her accompanying me, and then leading the singing of the American/English carols. I hope my voice recovers soon! Backup plans include other people leading the singing, or my playing the violin.

I've wanted to blog the last few days, but I've been really tired. Going to bed around 10 pm and getting up around 9 am or later. It's not eleven hours of sleep I'm getting though. I've still got my sleeping problem. Maylin woke me up three times last night and it was really hard getting back to sleep after the first awakening.

Ideas for future blogs:
- the French classical concert audience
- my plans for Opera Sans Frontieres
- realizing your dreams by first writing them down (reprise)
- Maylin's a future actor
- rearranging the furniture and how it affects my well-being (fengshui)
- returning to the child I was (writing, drawing, dancing on the table, acting out Disney read-along tapes...)

I'm going to bed now and I'm going to try to drag Maylin with me. By the way, today was the first time she volunteered to go out and play with someone without Mommy or Daddy. She's taken quite a liking to our house guest.

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