Sunday, December 11, 2005

Goodbye, Insecurities!

I think I left my coat of insecurity in the metro or something because I have decided to participate in an international singing competition in Paris! Four years ago, I put in an application for a little, local Berkeley music competition, and I completely chickened out with the excuse of pregnancy -- which was true, but I'm sure I could have still competed. I was scared to death. Now, I feel like, "What's there to lose? Go for it, girl!"

I'll be competing at the highest of three levels in the competition because that's the only level that performs for the public (I'd rather sing for an audience of music-lovers than just a panel of non-smiley judges), that has talent scouts present to recruit singers for festivals and concert series, and that awards cash prizes. I'd have a much better chance of getting a medal or a prize that I could brag about on my CV if I was going in at one of the lower levels, but I don't really care about my CV at this point.

I still have plenty of time to change my mind since the deadline for applying is in April, so please keep cheering me on. Don't let me back out of this one.

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andy said...

Go for it! Sounds like a great opportunity. I know you'll do great =).