Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Found pre-blog journal entry (October 10, 2004)

About a week ago one evening, Maylin said the f-word about 5 times in a row, to my shock and amusement. The next morning, I discovered she was trying to say "fork." I was quick to correct her and she was quick to learn! Thank goodness!

Maylin’s learning colors and letters without my even trying! She’s fascinated! She can say pink, blue, red, and green, with her favorite being blue. She loves the letter M, and had a letter field day when we were at McDonald’s.

There’s something about McDonald’s that makes kids happy and calm, as John says. She sat still for an hour and a half eating her fries. They were pretty cold by the end, but she was still quite content! The McDonald’s we went to, at Porte de Champerret, strangely enough, had no kids in it! Only the yuppie crowd. Very strange.

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