Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Maylin update

After the concert on Sunday, one of my friends was kind enough to host a pizza dinner at her place for our families and our mutual friends. She has two boys, one of them being Maylin's "boyfriend." Maylin had a wonderful time, eating with the boys, running around with the boys -- all the while, not uttering one word! She was especially quiet that evening! I could hardly tell she was even there. But she was so happy with four boys to keep her company.

Monday was the most gorgeous day in a long time. Weather in Paris is so unpredictable. It was cold and overcast the previous weekend, but finally the sun broke through for a day and everyone was taking advantage of it during the two-hour customary French lunch break, 12-2 pm, by sitting on the benches in the park with their take-out lunches. Maylin and I bought lunch at a greasy Greek sandwich shop, which I now realize is only frequented by men for some strange reason. We got a lot of looks and I was eager to get out of there quick. We paid only four euros for a huge gyro with the greasiest fries ever on top and went to the park with the red train to eat and play. I let Maylin choose our spot by the grass. We sat down next to each other under the warm sun, I set up our food and drinks, and Maylin looked soooo happy. She fed herself fries and some meat from my sandwich, and drank from her Dora the Explorer sippy straw cup. She had a blast feeding the pigeons, too. Afterwards, she ran around on the grass, hugging all the little trees, and then went onto the playground train while I tried memorizing my music from the Magic Flute for the next rehearsal. She eventually found two other little girls about her age, and they seemed to hit it off instantly. They spent a good deal of the time in this tiny, mostly enclosed portion of the train engine. These three girls shared stickers with each other, and I actually saw and heard Maylin talking! What a remarkable thing! I don't know if the girls understood her English, but it didn't seem to matter. I know this must have been such a special moment for Maylin, so we stayed in the park as long as it lasted. Maylin came out briefly to retrieve her dou-dou, and then the three of them pretended to sleep on their dou-dous in their little cabin.

After coming back home, Maylin had a screamfest, resisting naptime the best she could, but finally settled under the blanket, which she calls a "comfy-cozy," and fell asleep on my head.

Maylin loves typing on the computer. I open up a blank document in Word, select the biggest size for the font, and then ask her to find particular letters. I think she knows about six letters. She'll type her favorite letters over and over again. Maybe I'll cut and paste her work into my blog sometime.

She just woke up now after eleven and a half hours of sleep! She's in a real good mood. Maylin requested baguette for breakfast, and after I asked her if she wanted it buttered, she said, "Put the butter on the baguette." Wow. This from a girl who never talks at school.

Have a great day!

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