Monday, March 21, 2005

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, Everyone! I'm starting my blog so I can share with all of you photos and updates of our adventure in Paris! Hopefully, I'll get photos up soon, but for now, it's just going to be me rambling.

In December, I helped assemble an expat wives club, which allows the trailing spouses of expats at my husband's company to socialize minus the hubbies, minus the kids. Most of us met at a cooking class arranged by the company, and so far, we've had a bachelorette party and a morning at the movies. This month, I've planned an outing to Angelina's, a famous cafe near the Louvre which supposed serves the best hot chocolate ever -- "tastes like a melted chocolate bar." It's time for the ladies to indulge!

I'm also in the process of starting two singing groups. I am coaching one, whose repertoire includes small ensemble pieces from operas. The people are great in there -- and they have nice voices to work with! The other group may turn out to be a quintet that will specialize in the early Baroque, like Monteverdi, Rameau, and Couperin. I'm also currently involved in a group that hopes to perform excerpts from Mozart's The Magic Flute in June.

Maylin is enjoying herself at l'halte garderie (daycare for toddlers) very well. She participates in all activities -- including dancing, reading, computers, painting, clay sculpting, drawing, and gluing/pasting. Maylin seems to be very popular with the boys -- one has already kissed her and professed her love to her, and one helps her unstick the caps from her markers. Maylin doesn't actually talk at school (just like her mommy at her age), but talks a bunch to me and her daddy. She's got 6-word "sentences" going now, like "Right there is a blue car!"

She can count to twelve without help, and is enjoying sitting on her potty while Mommy's doing it herself! She can say "bonjour," "au revoir," and "merci," but chooses not to. She is still very shy among most people. Maylin loves baguettes and chouquettes (a simple sugar-covered pastry). Her favorite show is Scoobydo, but I think her favorite character is still Winnie the Pooh. She likes to sing the Pooh songs, and nursery and folk songs that I have taught her, like "Baa Baa Black Sheep," "I See the Moon," and "Leo the Lion."

I'm looking forward to having weekly lunch dates with John, as it has been very difficult to get alone time since Maylin came into the world. It'll be nice to continue the growth in our relationship. I'm also going to try to have weekly dates with myself at cafes to just write in my journal. I may include excerpts from my journal on this blog.

Thanks for reading!

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jane said...

hi caroline,

just surfed into your blog by chance, and found it interesting as i too am an expat blogger. been at it a year and it's been a great experience. good luck! i'll keep checking in.