Saturday, March 26, 2005

Georgie Porgie

Do you know that nursery rhyme which starts out, "Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie/Kissed the girls and made them cry"? Well, Maylin encountered a boy like Georgie at the playground yesterday who made her cry three or four times! Okay, maybe she was a little more tired and sensitive than usual, but this kid was just a little too pushy. Everywhere she was, he wanted to be. If she was holding the bars on the wrought-iron fence in a certain place, he would push her aside so he could be right there. Maylin would cry. For a while they were having fun running together, until she got in front of him. He pushed her aside roughly again. Maylin cried. Then, she was sitting on a little bench with two other boys, with really no room for anyone else. But Georgie Porgie pushed his way in next to Maylin without much chivalry, leaving Maylin hardly any breathing room. Maylin cried again. I even talked to this kid in French -- he seemed to be a precocious 3 year-old with an unusual name that sounded like Sebastien. But the only solution to avoiding the crying scenes (and everyone looks) was to go to the playground across the street instead. Problem solved.

This other playground had its main play structure removed, probably for safety reasons, so there were only 4 children, versus 20-30 in the other one. A nice quiet place for Maylin. There was still a bouncy, see-saw type of playground equipment in the shape of a dolphin, which was a favorite of hers when we first moved into the neighborhood. So, we shared the dolphin with a girl who looked about 7. I did most of the bouncing for them, sitting next to Maylin -- I hummed a made-up song and bounced on the squeaky dolphin for at least 10 minutes straight. Maylin is completely content with this, not uttering a sound. The other girl is the quiet, shy type, too. I left to get some cookies out of my backpack and then returned to offer some to Maylin. While I was returning the cookies to my backpack, it seems the girl had gotten quite teary-eyed as her grandmother tried, unsuccessfully, to get her off the dolphin to go home. She wanted to stay, of course, but she was also eyeing me and, I think, the cookies. I offered her one and she seemed to feel a lot better. She had no problem coming off the dolphin afterwards. Being a mom, I've learned that something sweet can solve almost any difficulty with children. I try not to use it as bribery too much, but sometimes, you do need it to avoid a scene, and sometimes danger.

Maylin used to hate holding my hand when crossing the street. I would nearly have to drag her across the street, with Maylin screaming as if in utter agony. Then, we'd make it nearly to the curb, and she'd throw herself on the ground. To get her to a safer place, I'd have to lure her with a lollipop.

During my meeting with the director of the ensemble with whom I'll be performing on April 10th, he confirmed my suspicions that I would be singing the roles of First Lady and Papagena in a performance with another group that his wife directs. His wife directs the opera workshop group I participate in now, but it looks like she's promoting me to her other group. Awesome. Now I just need my voice to get healthy again.

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