Monday, March 28, 2005


Good morning! It's 6:57 am, and I've been up for an hour, and feel like a zombie. At least I was able to sleep in the last few days.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. We did -- we were very lazy, hanging out in our robes until lunchtime. Ahhh, what a luxury. We had a wonderful Easter dinner with Canadian and American friends. Among the guests were 4 little boys under the age of 6, and dear little Maylin enjoyed herself with them. She almost shared a bed with one of them at the end of the evening. But I put my foot down! :) There is a sweet little love affair going on between 5 year-old Marc and Maylin. But Maylin was playing hard to get at the end of the night because when she's tired she just wants to be with Mommy.

Sorry, no pictures yet. For Mac users, it's a bit of a complicated process to get the photos in. Okay, give me one more week.

So, I misjudged how much time I have to prepare for my concert. I have almost two weeks! Phew! That's a relief.

As for my singing voice, I have been trying to analyze my problem in the shower and I think it's actually the result of changed technique. Somehow, my technique got messed up while I was sick. I don't think my vocal cords are damaged -- I think my breath support has changed. I have to teach myself how to prepare my high notes properly with the adequate air pressure. I'll work on that for a week and if I'm still having a problem, I'll go see a specialist. I'm very good a putting off a visit to the doctor.

John and I are working out an evening schedule for ourselves. Sunday night, he works out. Monday and Tuesday nights -- one of them will end up becoming a regular rehearsal night, and the other will be his workout night. Wednesday night is John's yoga night (we'll get a friend to watch Maylin while I'm at rehearsal, or I'll take her with me). Thursday night I have rehearsal here at the apartment, and John watches Maylin here. Friday night is our family night. And Saturday night is our date night or socializing night. I had order in every part of my life except for my personal life. Now we've got a bit more structure. I asked John how and when he wanted to do his chores (he didn't really have chores, but I was ready to assign him some), and he immediately said he wanted to hire someone to do them. Yippee! I don't mind that. I'm not too good at housekeeping -- let's leave that to the professionals.

Maylin can now count up to 13 on her own, and she will recognize two like items immediately. One time, she looked up at a chandelier and noted that two bulbs were out ("two lights off"). Her preferred color for coloring is blue -- always blue. That poor marker should be all worn out by now, but the quality of these French kids' markers is excellent! Instead of saying "big," "medium," and "small," she says "daddy," "mommy," and "baby." For example, she has two Winnie-the-Pooh plush bears. She calls one "daddy Pooh," and the other, "baby Pooh," Maylin's been doing that for a long time.

She likes wearing dresses and jumpers now. In the cold weather, I had her in a shirt, sweater, and corduroys, but now, she's taking pleasure in looking more feminine! But she still hates things in her hair. Barrettes, headbands, and ponytail holders all get yanked out pretty fast. Oh well.

Yesterday, she took her first shower with Mommy. Usually, she has a bath in her toddler tub, and hates the movable shower head. But this time, she didn't seem to mind the torrent of water coming down. I was very careful to not get the water too hot and too strong. I think she felt proud feeling like a big girl showering. She even soaped herself.

Wish I could write more now, but I have to get ready to go the Prefecture today with John to get our carte de sejour renewals -- so we can still be legal residents in France. We'll walk Leo early, take Maylin early to school, and dash over to the Prefecture. After our appointment, we'll have our rescheduled lunch date. I'm looking forward to a special meal with my honey.

Have a good day!

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